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Kept After School

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

OliverDonatik recently returned to us and has brought us some amazing shows. Oliver has been with us for some time and can be frequently found in chat with members. He, too, has been in many great shows. In this Pirrer House show from last week, Donatik is a teacher… one of his students passes and goes home, but Oliver has some troubles, and is kept after school for private lessons. This was a hot show! Camop Jordan was running two cameras during this show, so we saw the hot action from two different angles. In the pictures below, after the first three shots, there are three double pictures, where you can see the same action from two points of view! Donatik can be seen at RUTwinks, and Oliver at TwinkMix!







Nova and the Doctor

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

You don’t like going to see the doctor? You won’t mind it after you see the fun Nova had when he went for a medical exam. This was a very nice recent live show at Pirrer House. Nova got examined, and it seems all his parts worked just fine! Below are some stills captured from the video of this show. Like most of our live shows, this show was recorded, and the video is available at East Videos. Nova can also be seen in photosets and videos at RUTwinks.


Sunny our Star

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Come and Join our Star Sunny


Gorgeous Georg

Tuesday, February 13th, 2018


Everyone at Pirrer loves Georg… he’s sweet, friendly, and cute. He can often be found chatting with members at Pirrer House, sometimes from his own home. Here are some shots from a recent Helping Hand show he did for us. Georg can also be found at TwinkMix.


A Video Tour and Introduction to Pirrer House!

Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Not familiar yet with Pirrer House and all it has to offer? Or maybe you’re familiar with it but are curious to see a little behind-the-scenes tour? Here we offer you a short video introduction to watch any time. With Seva as your tour guide, you’ll see all the various bedrooms, the lounge, the gym, and the big show bedroom, all from new and fresh angles! And along the way you’ll see many of your favorite models posing, lounging, playing, and generally being themselves. Watch this video, and then come join us at Pirrer House!


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